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Hi! I’m Wendy. I live in the Phoenix area for now, but the Boston area is my heart and home. But, I just love to leave home and immerse myself in exploration. Travel and learning about the world’s cultures makes me a better person.

My goal is always to show anyone who is inclined to read my writing just how alike we all are, and that love is the answer to all of our questions. Really. Think about it. Deeply.

I lived in Kuwait as a teenager and this must have been where it all started. Bedouins, camels, and tabbouleh under a tent in the desert are memories that have never dimmed. The feeling of riding a dhow through the Persian Gulf is still in my veins.

I am also actively pursuing my voice in the Down syndrome community to spread the word about what I am learning, not only from my Down syndrome son, but from all the Down syndrome people I have known (and there have been quite a few). (For those who wonder why I have not used “person first” wording, I have a few words about word choice in another post.)

Both of my favorite topics, new and different cultures and Down syndrome, can get prickly. In my life, I have often found that all members of both of these groups are painted with one brush.

It’s easy to cast a stereotype in the general direction of an unfamiliar type of person. It’s harder to open your heart and see their uniqueness and beauty, what they offer to the world, though this is surely what we want others to see in us. I aim to change that with my own small efforts.

It’s my own #revolutionoftheheart. Army of one.

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